We take our corporate social responsibility very seriously. 30 % of our profit goes towards empowering women and schoolgirls in third-world countries. 

Empowerment through education

wonder cup women outreach project

World bank estimates that adolescent schoolgirls lose 20 % of their education because they stay at home during their period. Simply because they can't afford to buy sanitary towels.

Changing lives on a daily basis

Wondercup volunteers

We use volunteers to educate and supply menstrual cups to women and girls around the world. The WonderCup is by far superior compared to any other menstrual hygiene product.

The forgotten Holy Grail

wondercup menstruaal cup

The menstrual cup was invented in 1936. It is a bell-shaped devise that collects menstrual fluid inside the womb. 96 % of women who switched the the cup never go back using pads or tampons again.

The WonderCup is made out of medically approved silicone.

The Goddess of Love & Fertility

the birth of Venus

VENUS, ancient Roman Goddess of love and fertility is sponsoring our women outreach project. So far we have donated and distributed 10.500 WonderCups.

Top quality WONDERCUP

Reusable an entire life, the WonderCup

Reusable an entire life, one cup equals a truckload of used pads that take 500 years to biodegrade! From an environmental perspective the WonderCup is by far superior compared to tampons & pads. A woman (who can afford them) uses between 12-14.000 pads during her fertile years. Compare THAT to one WonderCup.